“Where you never game alone”

The Federation of Fathers [FoF] is a gaming community for mature and responsible Fathers playing a variety of games on the Xbox One.

The Short Story

The Federation of Fathers [FoF] is a community of gaming fathers that offers a number of services designed to enhance our members’ ability to connect with each other both in-game and beyond. Where other groups may focus on single clan for a specific game like Destiny or Halo, we enable and encourage our member to play, connect, communicate and build a network of friends that transcends any particular game.

Some groups and sites solely provide live streamers to watch on Twitch or YouTube, articles and podcast to follow, forums to discuss current events and strategies or LFG services to team up with a random gamer. In the Federation of Fathers we have developed tools to allow players to find and join other fathers in game. We utilize a user friendly communication tool (SLACK) to create an interactive environment to share strategies in game and adventures out of game. Through the SLACK team, website articles and FoF Podcast we have developed a single community for our members to congregate, share content from around the gaming industry and discuss pretty much everything!

So if you need mature friends who game like you and who have similar real world demands then check out FoF. You will not find another clan that has the tools to bring its members together and ensure you will never game alone.

Continue reading to learn more about what FoF has to offer or simply click here to join: FoF SLACK Join Request Form and jump straight in!

The Long Story

Coming soon…