The Federation of Fathers is a community of mature gamers open to fathers from all backgrounds. We encourage members to share real life/gaming experiences, partake in a broad spectrum of conversational topics in SLACK and utilize developed services to connect and make new friends. In order to help maintain a healthy community we request you follow a few guidelines designed to keep a positive environment for all.  


High Level Summary:

  • Respect one another ALWAYS
  • There are no activity requirements to remain in the FoF Community
  • Don’t spam channels in SLACK
  • Team Tool: This is a public tool created to help members meet up and play together. Host events you intend to be public and join events in which you are prepared for. Following this simple concept will create events that are successful and more rewarding for everyone.
  • If there are any concerns or suggestions contact an FoF Admin. All decisions and policy changes are at the discretion of FoF Leadership



The foundation of our community is an environment of mutual respect. We respect that members may have differing opinions, but at no time shall these differing opinions be allowed to create an environment of negativity and impact the mood of the general community. Offensive comments, any form of racism, or malicious conduct towards another member is strictly forbidden. Failing to follow this core tenant will result in suspension from FoF services or dismissal from the community.

  1. Membership Activity:

There are no mandatory activity requirements. Members are encouraged to utilize FoF services to the desired extent of the individual member. Members will not be removed from Slack for inactivity. As a community of Fathers we understand that life commitments frequently arise and your gaming time and/or general ability to converse in SLACK may decline. Members are free to leave and join SLACK conversations whenever they need/want. That being said, a member’s activity overall may be tracked to improve the functionality of team developed services.

Current Policy: 31 days of inactivity in SLACK will result in being listed as an inactive member and marked as hidden within FoF services. This is done to simplify the list of members and highlight member active within the community. Once an “inactive member” rejoins any public channel in SLACK, their status will be immediately set to “active” and their name will be returned to the services.

  1. SLACK Use:

Public Channels: These channels are created for the general discussions or specific topics related to the associated channel name. Members are encouraged to share opinions, experiences and resources in these channels. In the event of a conversation becoming focused between a few members it is encouraged that members relocate the conversation to a private group or direct message. This reduces the occurrence of a few members spamming a public channel. Spamming is strictly prohibited.

Any form of solicitation must be cleared by FoF Leadership prior to posting.

Private Groups: These groups can be created by any member within the FoF Slack team. These groups are encouraged for small groups of members who frequently play together or for a temporary discussion. These groups are not created to replace a public channel. If a member believes a new public channel would be beneficial, they may request one with FoF Leadership.

Direct Messaging: This messaging option is intended for one-on-one conversations between members.Only requirement is to not spam your fellow member and be respectful.

Use of @Channel @Everyone: The use of @Channel and @Everyone within Public Channels is restricted to FoF SLACK admins only.

  1. FoF Team Tool Use:

The FoF Team Tool was developed to help members connect and efficiently schedule gaming events throughout a variety of games.. As a community of fathers with real life commitments the team tool is a core service for our community. Members utilizing these services are encouraged to respect the following guidelines.

Creating an event: Event names should be a clear description of the desired event. Offensive naming will not be permitted. A host is permitted to reserve up to an additional 2 seats for any event.

Joining an event: Respect your fellow gamer’s time. When joining a game be confident that you will be able to join the scheduled event as planned. Do not join multiple events that overlap. If you are uncertain you can make the event but you have interest sign up as an alternate. Events informally operate under the first come first service policy. Don’t hesitate to host your own event if a currently scheduled event doesn’t fit your availability. A member is permitted to reserve up to an additional 2 seats in any event.

Leaving an event: When it happens that you are unable to join an event as scheduled remove yourself and any reserved spots ASAP. It is encouraged that you inform the host in SLACK.

Pinging members: As the host, you are able to ping members signed up for your event. Use this feature just prior to the scheduled event. Do not spam your team and public channels.

Respect the event type: This is critical to avoiding awkward gaming sessions and to be honest not wasting fellow members time. Numerous types of events are hosted in SLACK and vary significantly by the game type or player experience level. Events range from general team objectives, FoF recon support, normal difficulty or hard difficulty events. Be respectful of the event type and you will discover that scheduled events are more rewarding and enjoyable.

Casual / Normal Events: If you are joining an event tagged for FoF Recon or Normal difficulty be prepared to play with members who are attempting to learning a new game mode, refine their skills or casually play the given game.

      1. Experienced members in these events should be prepared to have patience and provide supporting guidance to help your fellow team members
      2. Inexperienced members in these events should be prepared to accept guidance from more experienced members. The goal in the end is to help everyone learn to play a game to the fullest and have a great time.

Special / Hard Events: if you are joining an event tagged Hard Mode or Specialized game mode be prepared to play with members who have refined their skills in normal mode and are ready to increase a game’s difficulty.

      1. Experienced members in these events should have an understanding of normal modes and be prepared to hold their own in the event.
      2. Inexperienced members in these events should meet the minimum requirements of a game mode or have openly discussed their participation with the host prior to joining. This is not done to limit or hold back a member from playing a game to the fullest but to ensure that everyone in the game is able to get the most from their experience. The reality is that games are created with a minimum expectation of a player’s understanding of the game and the skills or character level to complete a given objective. If you have not reached a recommended level or learned a strategy then please respect your fellow gamer and join/host a normal event. You will find no shortage of members willing to help a member progress through the normal modes and you quickly be prepared for the harder end game content. .
  1. Contacting FoF Admin:

Members are encourage to contact an FoF Admin at any time to discuss any issue, submit a complaint, or suggestion. If a member is reported as violating the FoF Code of Conduct they may be contacted by FoF Leadership.

If you believe a member has violated the FoF Code of Conduct you may submit a claim through the team page by clicking “Submit a CoC Claim”. The claim will be discreetly reviewed and handled by FoF Leadership. If a member has violated the Code of Conduct the member may be temporarily banned from FoF services or removed from the community. All decisions and policy changes are at the discretion of the FoF Leadership.

Thank you in advance for helping to keep the community a positive environment for members to come together, make new friends and enjoy gaming to the fullest.