Moving Day! – Goodbye Slack

As many of you are aware we have been experimenting with a Discord server. The conversation has come up a few times over the last few months and today I will like to officially announce that FoF will be moving from Slack to Discord. Slack has been a great home for FoF over the last four years but the situation is that we are outgrowing this service and more and more features are being locked behind pay walls and limiting our ability to manage and grow the community the way we all want. I know change can be scary _(especially for a bunch of old gamers)_ but I promise to make this as painless as possible and to help anyone who needs it.

We have set an expiration date for SLACK of March 3, 2019 at midnight. At this time all channels will be archived and a forward address will be left behind for anyone who shows up late. On March 4, 2019 we will celebrate FoF’s 4th Anniversary and start Year 5 completely in Discord.

In early 2015 a group of less than 100 recent strangers were forming a new gaming community. We were in desperate need of a space to plan our gaming adventures, chat about everything and solve world hunger. I am glad to report that after 4 years we have overachieved on two of those objectives.

From within Slack over 1400 members have sent 2,856,642 messages (approximately 1,900 messages per day) spread out over a wide variety of gaming and random topic channels. In just a few million interaction a pocket of gaming fathers came together to play countless games and in the end have developed lasting friendships.

Unfortunately just as our families sometimes out grow our starter homes, so has FoF from Slack. Sure I admit it still provides a roof and safety from “the others” but as we look ahead and plan our future it is apparent we need more room to grow. Over the last couple years we have all encountered numerous message retention and file storage issues. Operations behind the scenes have been limited by team settings, 3rd party integrations options and invitation features that have all been moved behind pay walls. Slack has and always will be a tool developed for businesses and due to this developer priorities rarely align with our casual needs. The simple statement is FoF will be leaving Slack and moving to Discord.

All transitions can be rough in the beginning but we have spent months preparing the new team space and we are continuing to replicate everything that works from Slack while adding a few new features.

Slack will remain available until Sunday March 3, 2019. On Monday March 4, 2019 we will be celebrating FoF’s 4th anniversary. We will start year 5 in Discord. If you have been with FoF for 4 years or 4 days I hope that you decide to make the move with us. Thank you for your friendship and especially your trust.

I wish you and your family all the best,
Adm. Wright Meow


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