FoF Podcast #46.4 – Post show: Comic-Con Casual Chatting

Welcome to Episode 46 of the Federation of Fathers Podcast!

This week’s hosts: Fourlakes, Nautical, Smartrix, and Adm Wright Meow

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This episode was recorded on July 27, 2017. We are going to try something new and break up the show and publish some of our casual after show discussions. So stay tuned for follow up parts to episode 46. We have been chatting for hours and the eye lids are dropping so why not discuss all the glorious things from Comic Con 2017. We hit on everything from Ready Player 1 trailer, Thor buddy comedy potential, Marvel does Spiderman, Game of Thrones is in our lives and a bunch of sleepy tipsy nonsense. We may hit on a few of these topics in upcoming episodes once we are prepared to talk more in depth. This episode is a very casual discussion with those still in the mixer chat.

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