FoF Podcast #40 – The end to the hibernation

Welcome to Episode 40(?) of the Federation of Fathers Podcast!

This week’s hosts: Fourlakes, IamFinnDog, Nautical, Smartrix, and Adm Wright Meow

We recorded this show LIVE on Beam at 

We are back! We apologize for the absence and the loss of some episodes from the archive. Hopefully we have limited scheduling conflicts and a few less hackers attacking the site and it will be smooth sailing into spring/summer 2017. This episode we talk about the games we are all playing, Nintendo Switch, and when did our gaming habits become realized by our wives and do they accept our addictions. Finally we talk about some potential blockbuster movies of 2017… ohhh I forgot somewhere in there the love between a Man and a Cantaloupe is comparable to @nauticlal gaming on a Switch?

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