FoF - Destiny Team Photo 2016 - FramedStr

FoF Destiny Clan Photo – 2016

The Federation of Fathers Clan Photo is ready!

A huge thank you to the 109 Guardians who were able to stand still and not kill each other for just a few minutes. I know there were A LOT of others who were unable to participate and there will be future attempts. This was a huge success and I look forward to going even bigger next time!

To download a copy for yourself head over to the FoF Background Page (linked below) and download either the consolidated team shot or the framed version.

FoF Backgrounds

Members in this photo:

admwrightmeow, abuttonmasher, aceystole, agentyumkins, aheadbarracuda, aideddog, b1g5p1d3r, barfallonyou, br0wnc0at03k64, callsignmike, cardbuckman32, cbglassman, chaplaingary, cheddarjohnson, cheig, chuck13vil, chuck2003, cobrarsnake, colonelrebs, corporal_kip, cursorycomb3, darerekt, darthdunford83, datsunwatson, dblediamond, deathrunner69, destrolxxix, dethkali, dizzy, driskal, drummonkey08, dumax76, el1iad3, fanatic, forgivenmonster, fourlakes, frothywarrior40, gendred, gigafluxx, giraffapuss, hamvasq, hd1skullz, highoctane8307, hockeyed, hossblox, howell115, hurritsunado, iamfinndog, im_proud_of_you, ironmammajama, itsbo5s, iwrkmayh3m, j4cka1, jdmadchef, jerkim4ever, jfrawst, jiggytee, jobi, jonnymartini, kbkjesus, kthobbs, laloatx, lewlett, liquidwolf76, longbow191, lumijesupra, midgetbones, mikenliz8192, moses56, mtnben, mupe3, mupe3, nautlcal, noisysilencer3, nosfera7uman, oewtriton, onyxsc0p3, oosohcahtoaoo, oostickyxx, orccleaver, pappywankenobi, peddlerofdeath7, rdozer999, reefer66, reformedbyxbox, renaissance427, rufneck19, ryuul, sirwenus, slaboy, smartrix, sniperryfle, swampkracker6, tbear610, theolddozer, theroman0506, thrustrabbit59, unknwnsoldier0, utrouix, valdamaren, walkerthegeek, weakninja661, whatscappenin, whiteqknight82, wolfpacker96, xmagmax, xrlrock1, xryeguyx, zoomzoomcarrot

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