No Pants Rant Episode 012 – Viking raiders of Comic-Con

Episode 12 is available! Join your fellow fathers @Smartrix and @MtnBen with special guest @xMagmax
Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening Federation of Fathers!

If you are interested in catching the Twitch stream of the past NPR you can still check it out at

It’s good to listen to under the quiet protection of headphones for secret watching at work… however if you don’t want to see our beautiful faces and prefer a more refined and edited experience then you are in luck!

The audio of episode 12 of the No Pants Rant Podcast has been uploaded online and is now available at your leisure, at a venue of your choosing for your listening pleasure! On July 28 our NPR hosts SmartriX and MTBEN and guest xMagmax primarily discussed live on Twitch all of the big news and unveilings from Comic Con 2016. We catch up with current life updates with our hosts and learn a bit about magma, passions, hobbies and his amazing viking side business! Tune in as they discuss trailers, movies, tv, DC to Marvel and the usual slightly alcohol buzzed beyond!

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