No Pants Rant Episode 011 – Fathermon or Pokefather? GO!

Episode 11 is available! Join your fellow fathers @Smartrix and @MtnBen with not so special “guest” @AdmWrightMeow

Welcome to another great episode. Before we dive into the main topic for this show we discussed some personal life events. Smart is building and moving, Ben is falling forward professionally and is excited about a new job, and Meow is at square one of relocating his family. The rest of the show is a awkward and exciting journey into the world of Pokemon Go with our analysis of the game and its world domination. We discuss if augmented reality games are the future, but before we step into the future jump back in time and play the New Nintendo Classic. This mini console comes with 30 games and spoiler alert, we are all excited! The show wraps up with another small VR chat and how gaming keeps our minds open to new tech. We have included a little bit of the post show, so please enjoy 3 drunk/tired under qualified men discuss space, science and the human drive to leave Earth behind.

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