FoF Podcast #24 – Stamped Crasified!

Welcome to Episode 24 of the Federation of Fathers Podcast!

This week’s hosts: FourLakes, MtnBen, Nautlcal, and Adm Wright Meow with a pending silver alert for IamFinnDog

We recorded this show LIVE on twitch

Show Notes:

This show is jam packed with topics, humor, and dumb jokes so is a detail break down required? Fine here we go… Nautical attempts to record audio for his video during our preshow + voices in head + horrible friends = many attempts and still a mess. 4th of July recap, Bungie Day so here comes Moments of Triumph (MoT). MoT year 1 vs MoT year 2. What games are we looking forward to in the fall and apparently Independence Day 2 is a bust. Show wraps up with some random sport discussions and muting the salt.

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