FoF Podcast #23 – When our powers combine!

Welcome to Episode 23 of the Federation of Fathers Podcast!

This week’s hosts: FourLakes, MtnBen, IamFinnDog, Nautlcal, Adm Wright Meow with special guest Smartrix

We recorded this show LIVE on twitch

Show Notes:

Its the reunion show after Ben and Fourlakes took some leave and spent time with their real families. That is enough of that… So we catch up on their adventures, give a recap of the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ FoF Event and then discuss the games we are playing now and what from E3 we are excited to see the community embrace. The show wraps up with a quick movie discussion focused around Independence Day 2 (This was recorded before the movie released; however posted afterwards. We now know that movie is pretty much a bust… bummer)

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