No Pants Rant Episode 007 – Make this Litter Box GREAT AGAIN!

Episode 7 is (FINALLY) ready for you! Join your fellow fathers @MtnBen @Smartrix and guest @Adm Wright Meow.

VERY Sorry for the extended delay everyone, personal vacations and work travel delayed the recording and posting of this show. Just like in life, slack, and gaming we are trying desperately to stay on top of it all and get this ship back on heading.

This episode Adm Wright Meow stepped out from behind the curtain to join you favorite host. We get some family/work updates and then dive into the meat of the show. We talk about the games we are playing, the shows we are watching (BLACK SAILS, WATCH IT!!!) and then the conversation gets a little serious as we talk about political correctness, making america great again? All this proves is that none of us are fit for office. This is what happens when Meow joins the show, less poop jokes and more economy analysis. (shhhh don’t worry we are putting him back behind the curtain).

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