FoF Podcast #21 – McLovin!

Welcome to Episode 21 of the Federation of Fathers Podcast!

This week’s hosts: FourLakes, MTNBEN, Nautlcal,  Adm Wright Meow and special guest Smartrix

We recorded this show LIVE on twitch

Show Notes:

VERY Sorry for the extended delay everyone, personal vacations and work travel delayed the recording and posting of this show. Just like in life, slack, and gaming we are trying desperately to stay on top of it all and get this ship back on heading.

This show was recorded on the eve of Memorial Day weekend. We want to thank all the Men and Woman who are serving and have served in the US. Military. Thank you for your service!

Now since it is a holiday weekend in America, we celebrate it the only way we know how. We grill, we eat and we drink! The last part conveniently aligns with this being our 21st episode so beverages are flowing and conversations are all over the place. We discuss popular games within the community, upcoming events, and recap horrible battle stories with forbidden alcohol. Meow finally allowed a “what are you drinking?” segment so enjoy this above the legal limit unicorn.

We hope you enjoy the show and please don’t forget to subscribe. I would love to continue the conversation, so please share your comments and suggestions on SLACK in the #-FoF-Podcast channel and/or at

About the author: Adm Wright Meow