FoF Podcast #20 – #ass (POUND ASS)

Welcome to Episode 20 of the Federation of Fathers Podcast!

This week’s hosts: FourLakes, MTNBEN, IamFinnDog, Nautlcal, and Adm Wright Meow

We recorded this show LIVE on twitch

Show Notes:

This week we once again go live with the community and share our faces with the world. Senior Cuatro Puddles himself even joined in on the fun. So this week we discuss the newly created #Ask-Meow channel. The channel was created for the leaders of FoF to reach out and get the pulse of the community and help define summer projects. Then we jump into a big pile of games, we hit on Overwatch, Battleborn, Battlefield 1, and Meow gets really excited about No Man’s Sky. The end of the show has a little taste of the after show. Big thanks to those who joined us during the live show. The added interaction has elevated the entertainment to a whole new level.


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