FoF Podcast #19 – This is my face!

Welcome to Episode 19 of the Federation of Fathers Podcast!

This week’s hosts: FourLakes, MTNBEN, IamFinnDog, Nautlcal, and Adm Wright Meow

We tried something NEW…. We recorded this show LIVE on twitch

Show Notes:

[0:00] – Introduction: George Thorogood’s – One Borboun One Scotch One Beer [–AvCsh48bk]

[2:40] – Are we playing Destiny and The Division?

[11:45] – Favorite game types?

[24:10] – What game would we design?

[34:00] – What games did we power through at all cost (I WILL WIN!)

[43:15] – Meow has big news! (Hint I like Pampers)

[60:15] – Fourlakes wise old man moment

[62:00] – Outro: NoFX – Idiots are taking over []

Then another 30 minutes of random after show discussions. We NO SPOILED Game of Thrones, talk a little TWD, NFL Draft, and MTNBen loses his family to the Mountain

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