No Pants Rant Episode 004 – That decision made no scents

Episode 4 has arrived!!! Join your fellow fathers @MtnBen @Smartrix and guest @ReformedbyXbox as they bounce from current events to reminiscing on poor decisions from their past… We jump from honoring the great holiday of National Beer day, then they discuss poor moving choices and life decisions. Smartrix and Reformed both made horrible choices as a kids but one of them ended up in a real life CSI episode and the other was just kid “pissing” off his parents. Show wraps up with ReformedbyXbox Gov’t bail out, MTNBEN still adjusting to work and Smartrix prepares for a mandated vacation…

“That decision made no scents” – The next show will have less poop stories (Maybe)… we have an intervention planned for Smartrix.

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