FoF Podcast #16 – They’re after me lucky charms!

Welcome to Episode 16 of the Federation of Fathers Podcast!

This week’s hosts: FourLakes, MTNBEN, Nautlcal, IamFinnDog and Adm Wright Meow

Show notes:

Time once again for a another exciting FoF Podcast. This week we are curious about whats to come with Destiny but not really holding our breath. We then jump into the meat of the show with an in depth analysis (Meow talks to much) on The Division. The game dropped less than 2 weeks ago and your co-host have a wide range of experiences, opinions, and hopes. That all being said the Division has proven to be a strong game for FoF to rally around and we are sure it will be on our radar for a while. Finally we wrap up with a request for the community to tag FoF in the world of the Division… We are not responsible for any real life graffiti of your neighbors garages.

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