Happy Birthday, FoF!

The Federation of Fathers recently celebrated its first birthday—all the raids never finished, the beers ingested, the babies crying, the adults crying, the wives complaining. It’s been a big year for a lot of us.

We have had a few bumps along the road, but we are a stronger group for them. This community wouldn’t be what it is today without each and every person making up FOF, and many of us can’t imagine gaming without this group. Many of us have not just found fellow gamers but have found real friends. From the community coming together for a scheduled gaming event to supporting fellow members going through tough times, we couldn’t be prouder of what this group has become.

So how do we celebrate a year of FoF? Giving away an Elite controller sounds like a great idea! If you want your name entered into the drawing, here’s what you’ve gotta do:
1. Post a reaction emoji to AdmWrightMeow’s birthday announcement post from March 4 on SLACK.
2. Post a personal story in #-fof_general about your favorite moment in FoF or what this group means to you. If you have game clips or screenshots, that is a plus!
3. Post a video testimonial about FoF, ideally on YouTube. We have received a few of these over the last year, and now would be a great time to post and consolidate them.

You can do one or more of these submissions, and each one gains you an extra entry!

It doesn’t matter if you have been with the group for 18 months or 24 hours, we are glad you’re here and want to know your story. We will keep track of names and RNG a winner by next weekend.


If you aren’t a member of FOF but would like to become one, head on over to the SLACK registration page to sign up!

About the author: Valdamaren