Federation War: Video Evidence – HERCULES WAE Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Give Away!

Thank you to those who joined in on the chaos during the first every Federation War in Battlefield 4. I think at one point we hit 38 total members in a single game. We had alot of fun and cant wait to squad up again. To honor the first every Federation Wars we will be giving away a Hercules WAE Outdoor 04 Plus Bluetooth Speaker. Big thanks to our friends at Hercules for sponsoring. Your fellow FoF brothers have submitted there favorite clips and now its time for the community to vote. Watch the videos below submit your vote at the bottom of the page and by Friday we will announce the winner…

VIDEO #1: “International house of ManCake”

Video #2: “Surprise Party!”

Video #3: “Innocent bystander?”

Video #4: “LETS GOOOO!!!!!”

Video #5: “Battlefield Jig”

Video #6: “Curious, have you ever done this before?”

Video #7: “Pink mist again”

Watch live video from KwikScopeTHIS on www.twitch.tv

Video 8: “Just another T-Bag”

Honorable Mentions: “Fly Swatter”


Nautlcal Community Montage:


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