FoF Podcast #9


Welcome to Episode 9 of the Federation of Fathers Podcast!

This weeks hosts: FourLakes, MTNBEN, IamFinndog, Nautlcal and Adm Wright Meow, with, special guest, Casual2567

Show notes:

This week we start off with a little behind the scenes craziness then finally focus and start the show. This show we discuss Destiny’s latest updates (Crucible tweaks, Gun mods and Titan nerfing) and current/future community events. Once again Bungie has proven its ability to pull the community back into Destiny with the new Sparrow Racing League (SRL) and Oryx Challenge Modes. We wrap up the show with a follow up on Star Wars Battlefront and we question how much life this latest franchise title has in a community of old nostalgic gamers.  The show wraps up with another WTF(oF) segment! If you can’t laugh at yourself while playing then don’t worry – your friends will laugh for you.

Finally as our SLACK community approaches it 1 year anniversary we are celebrating by running the first ever FoF SRL Challenge. Stay tuned for future announcements for the details on how you can start 2016 with a brand new Xbox One ELITE CONTROLLER!!!

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