FoF Podcast #8


Welcome to Episode 8 of the Federation of Fathers Podcast!

This weeks hosts: FourLakes, MTNBEN, IamFinndog and Adm Wright Meow, with, special guest, Smartrix.

Show notes:

This week we talk about the long-term effects of Destiny on our gaming spirits. We discuss what Halo meant to us throughout the years and whether or not Halo 5 meets our expectations. Then we dive straight into Fallout 4’s Commonwealth. We talk about past Bethesda games, lessons learned, what’s new for the series and how many plastic spoons you can carry. Finally, the show wraps up with the first ever WTF(oF) segment! If you can’t laugh at yourself while playing then don’t worry – your friends will laugh for you.

We would also like to introduce the new Federation of Fathers’ logo! We can’t wait to share it and make our mark on the world. Big thanks to Smartrix, Valdamaren and TNMuggle!

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